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Build A Premium Beat Store

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This can take your brand to an entire new level! 

View the website demo by clicking here.

♦ With this downloadable course you will learn how to create a custom beat store website from scratch including these other things.

♦ How to start and add a clothing.

♦ Create a drumkit storefront.

♦ How to set up and use Facebook Pixels to increase your sales.

♦ Marketing tutorials to bring traffic to your website.

♦ Control your brand and open income sources.


Why this course?

Having a Beatstars Pro Page is cool until you want to branch out how your website works and looks. You’re not able to run a full e-commerce store on their platform, and worst of all, every Beatstars Pro Page looks exactly alike regardless if its a different logo and color. Being unique can greatly improve sales.

Premium Support:

It is my number one goal to get my students through the entire course and have a full working beat store. I go out of my way to make sure that all questions get answered and help you until your problem is solved.

Section 1: Getting Started

♦ To get started I go over how you get your own domain name, if you don’t have one already, I go through which hosting plan you should choose, and how to set up your website and get comfortable with WordPress. (The #1 website platform.)

Section 2: Build Your Website

♦ In this section, we go over how to entirely build your beat store from top to bottom. Starting with your home page along with the other main pages. Then we move on to starting your clothing/merch line, drum kit store, and I’ve also included Photoshop tutorials on how to create dope drum kit product pictures like Internet Money.

Section 3: Optimizing Your Website

♦ This is by far the most important section in the entire course. I take you step by step on how to fully optimize your website for search engine visibility. When you are not paying for promotions, your Google rank is super important. There are tons of rules and fundamentals that Google makes you apply so you can rank better and start receiving traffic from search engines. This section not only works with Google but with YouTube as well. With these tactics, you can apply this to rank on YouTube.

Section 4: Turn Your Music To Profit

♦ After you’ve created the best beat store you’ve ever had, you now want people to see, use and even potentially buy from your new online beat store. With my advanced producer marketing training, I show you the best ways to market your new website to get consistent, and high quality targeted traffic.

Section 5: Course Files

♦ Don’t worry. I provide everything you are going to need for this course. I’ve invested in licensing the best and top themes, and plugins to make your website stand out and compatible to do anything!

View the website demo by clicking here.


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